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Experience the gentle difference Colon Hydrotherapy hydrates the colon. The treatment is a gentle internal bath that aids your body in the detoxification process. It is one of the most effective colon cleansing methods. Colon hydrotherapy gently detoxifies and cleanses your system by moving the accumulated waste out of your body quickly, giving your body a chance to naturally refocus on rejuvenating itself.


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After an experience doing Hydrotherapy in Fiji, I came back to the USA and looked for a place that offered Hydrotherapy services. There was no colonic center, in the whole of Massachusetts, which is when I opened this center.


- Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments

- Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique or B.E.S.T. Treatment

- Reiki Energy Treatment

- Infra-Red TheraSauna

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70  James Street, Suite 155A Worcester MA 01603


Body Balancing Center

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